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Every year, your client’s policy will change. These changes may be minor, but they will still change. Even with prospects who have group plans, they will probably have changes to their plans. Who are they going to turn to when these changes occur? Why would they turn to you if they have not heard from you in over a year?



Medicare Retention Annual Review

Don’t assume minor changes are minor.

A minor change to you might be a major change to your clients and prospects. Assuming they will be “okay” with the changes and not addressing them is just telling your book of business to go ahead and call that 1-800 number on the television screen and get a policy from someone else.

Prep clients at the initial appointment.

Make sure you are letting your clients and prospects know annual reviews are part of the service you offer to all your clients. This does not have to be an actual sit-down appointment but an annual update on the market and options they have for the following year’s coverage. This can be an email, physical letter, call, etc., or a combination thereof.

Do 30, 60, or 90-day touches.

After an appointment, perform a touchpoint (call, email, text, etc.) and follow-up. Have all their questions been answered? Do they have their new cards? Are they aware of any additional benefits which the policy or carrier comes with? Do they still have all your contact information? Remind them you will be reaching out annually (for example: at the beginning of the fourth quarter) to review plans for next year.

Actually perform these tasks.

There is nothing worse than a professional telling you one thing and then not following through. If you tell a client or prospect you will do something and do not perform that task, your status with them goes from professional to “just another salesperson.” “Do what you say and say what you mean” is not a suggestion but an expectation with your clients and prospects.

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