Medicare Center Enrollment

The New Enrollment Platform

We are making the transition to Medicare Center, the Connecture-developed, Integrity-exclusive enrollment platform. We wanted to provide you key information on the transition from the Enrollment Express enrollment system to the Medicare Center Enrollment platform:

  • The transition will occur on Thursday, January 28th, 2021 at 4:00PM Central. The transition should take roughly 4 hours, during that time you will not have access to the site.

  • Your username on Enrollment Express will switch to your NPN for Medicare Center.

  • If you already have a Medicare Center account, nothing will change. Connecture will import your Enrollment Express data into Medicare Center. However, this could lead to duplicate files if you quoted a client on both platforms.

  • Profiles and permissions will transfer from Enrollment Express to Medicare Center. Soon after the transition, please double check your profiles and permissions.

  • Any outstanding client quotes or Scope of Appointment (SOA) forms will not work after the transition. You will need to resend those after the transition.

  • If you have any consumer-facing enrollment links on your website or social media, you will need to update these after the Medicare Center transition.

  • Your custom fields at the bottom of your agent profile will reset to default. You will need to change these after the transition.

Learn more about MedicareCENTER here.

Questions? Please call Senior Marketing Specialists today at 800-689-2800!

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