It’s time to get excited about UnitedHealthcare. UHC recently rolled out two brand new Prescription Drug Plans: Symphonix and Walgreens PDP. And they are looking pretty competitive. What’s better? They’re fully commissionable. We know you’re thinking, “Why have I not heard about this?” It seems the product announcements got lost in all the AEP hype. Don’t worry, though. Senior Marketing Specialists is here to get you caught up!


Who Can Sell These Prescription Drug Plans?

Anyone who is contracted with UnitedHealthcare is able to sell Symphonix and Walgreens PDP! Here are your options:

  1. If you are already contracted with UnitedHealthcare, call us! We will make sure you are certified, check that you are ready to sell these products, and get you set up with supplies.
  2. If you don’t have UnitedHealthcare, let us know! We can help you through the contracting and certification process. We want you to be equipped with two of the top PDP’s this year!


Why Sell These Prescription Drug Plans?

  1. These plans are coming in extremely competitive in many regions
  2. Both products are fully commissionable
  3. UnitedHealthcare is a well-known and trusted brand
  4. Walgreens is a top pharmacy with customers nationwide

Want to see how these plans stack up in your area? Check them out on the SMS Quote Engine!


For additional information, contracting, and more, contact us!



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