The 2017 AEP season is over and from our numbers, we know you had a great few months! We also know that you worked incredibly hard. So, take a break and relax for a bit. But in the midst of your celebrating, napping, and vacationing, we do ask one tiny favor: Take our 2017 Post AEP Survey. This quick 6 question survey helps Senior Marketing Specialists gauge how our agents feel about AEP and determine what we can do to better help you next year! Below you will find links to the 2017 Post AEP Survey as well as this year’s Pre AEP Survey Report.


2017 Post AEP Survey

Click the link above to take our survey. Here is a preview of all the questions:

  1. How many AEPs have you been a part of?

  2. How many new clients did you obtain in AEP?

  3. What marketing methods worked for you this AEP?

  4. How many policies in total did you write this AEP including current clients?
  5. Did you sell PDP plans?

  6. What are your post-AEP plans?

Just so you know, this survey is completely anonymous. No need to worry about the safety of your information!


2017 Pre AEP Survey Report

To view the results of the 2017 Pre AEP Survey, click the link above! Here are a few highlights from the report:

  • 44.78% of survey takers have been in the senior marketing for 10+ years.
  • The majority of survey takers have 201+ clients, followed by those who have 0-50 clients.
  • Most survey takers planned to write 0-15 Medicare Advantage plans during AEP.
  • 70.69% of survey takers rely on client marketing.
  • The bulk of survey takers only market Prescription Drug Plans they are contracted with.
  • Marketing Pieces and Sales Ideas were the most popular requests from SMS as a means of assisting agents during AEP.


Thank you for taking the survey and keep an eye out for the 2017 Post AEP Survey Report!


For additional questions, AEP follow up help, and more, contact us! 800-689-2800

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