Saving time, avoiding underwriting messes, getting paid faster. Who wouldn’t want all those things, and more.


Did you know that even though most insurance carriers offer electronic applications, many agents are still writing paper applications? Why? Because change is hard. Anytime we are confronted with doing something out of our daily comfortable routine, it forces us to learn a new way of doing things.

Think of the traditional process of writing a paper Medicare Supplement application. The old way, which for many is still the current way, included:

  • Meeting with the client
  • Filling out the application
  • Hoping you had the most up-to-date forms
  • Checking it for errors
  • Faxing it to the carrier
  • Waiting by the fax machine to make sure all the pages went through
  • Resending the pages that didn’t
  • Scanning a copy of the application
  • Calling the carrier to make sure it is approved
  • If not, then dealing with underwriting issues
  • Calling the client to let them know they’re approved
  • Or making them resign more forms or submit more info because the app is pending
  • Having the client submit their Medicare Supplement cancellation letter to their previous carrier
  • Waiting for the policy to come in the mail
  • Delivering the policy to the client
  • Then finally you got paid.

What a process!


With the increasing availability of electronic applications, the process is much simpler. An agent can go to the carrier’s website. Run a quote and start filling in out the application. The e-app has built-in check points to make sure the application is filled in completely, avoiding those pesky missing information inquiries and delays. E-apps also allow you to download a PDF copy of the application and check the status of the application online. In some cases, the policy is even electronically delivered to the customer. A lot of time is saved, and an agent has a greater line of sight with the application, from submission to policy delivery.

With consistent improvements of their electronic application systems, carriers are making it easier to do business everyday. Some carriers, you don’t even need the client’s email address to submit an application. And if you needed just one more benefit of adopting the use of e-applications, for those clients who are not close to you, many Medicare Supplement carriers do not require you to be face to face with a customer when submitting an electronic application. The future is here and now when it comes to technology. Some companies do not even offer paper application submission anymore. And many carriers are even paying bonuses for submitting e-apps.

The benefits far outweigh the challenge of adaption when of submitting electronic applications. Many electronic application are approved in less than 24 hours, providing a quick turnaround time for the customer to reassure them that they made a good buying decision. Plus, you’re getting money put into your bank account quickly.

In case you’re wondering, we do have step by step electronic application walkthroughs to help guide you through the process. Change isn’t always easy, but in this case it’s essential, so try using an electronic application today.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let our team know.  We are always eager to help.

Happy Selling.


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