Senior Marketing Specialists now provides contracted agents with personalized social media audits! If you currently have a Facebook Business page, LinkedIn account, Twitter, or website. it might be time to get a second opinion. Our team is trained to assess your accounts from all angles. Once you request an audit, we will give you feedback regarding compliance, wording, posts, pictures, and more! Here’s what you need to know.

Social Media Audit

What are the Steps?

1. Contact your Sales Director.

2. Submit the sites you want audited.

3. Senior Marketing Specialists will compile a list of suggestions for you.

4. Receive your feedback within one business week.

5. Make necessary changes!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Request Social Media Audits?

Any direct-to-SMS contracted agent may request a social media audit. If you do not yet have any contracts with SMS, let us know! We will find you a competitive option. Once you have at least one contract through us, you have access to all our resources!

How Do I Request an Audit?

Contact your Sales Director to get started! They will gather the sites you want suggestions on and pass them on to the appropriate departments. Visit our Meet the Team page to email your Sales Director or give us a call at (800) 689-2800!

Who Will Give Me Feedback?

A variety of departments and specialists will take a look at your social media. We have an amazing compliance team and a detailed marketing department who work closely with your Sales Director. We take careful time in exploring your sites to provide you with the best feedback for your particular situation.

How Long Will My Social Media Audit Take?

Please allow one business week for us to fully process your request. Your feedback will be delivered via email.

Will SMS Manage My Social Media for Me?

Unfortunately, Senior Marketing Specialists does not currently offer this service. We do, however, have a variety of resources and training to help you manage your own Facebook Business page, LinkedIn branding, and other online marketing efforts! Visit our Social Media page to learn more!

I Don’t Have Business Social Media. Will SMS do it for Me?

We don’t set up accounts for agents at this time. However, we can send you detailed instructions on how to do so on your own time. Once you have it set up, consider joining SMS Agent Connect for post ideas and free compliant content! As always, feel free to also give us a call if you need additional guidance.


For questions, contracting, and additional social media help, contact us! (800) 689-2800

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