The 2017 Senior Marketing Specialists Sales Summit is May 23 – 24! That means it’s time to start gathering items for your Summit Survival Kit. Alright, so, the Summit isn’t dangerous and there’s nothing actually threatening your survival (we think you’ll quite enjoy it, really!), but like any conference or training event, you should be prepared. Here are a few suggestions.

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What to Include

Writing Utensil

You will likely want to sign up for a few drawings, fill out paperwork with a vendor, or take notes during the break out sessions. While we will have plenty of pens available, consider bringing your own if you have a preferred brand or color!


Use this to organize all your juicy tidbits from the breakout sessions. We will also provide notes pages, but, again, if you have a kind of paper you love or fear you might run out of room, a notepad is a solid choice!

Planner or Calendar

There’s a chance you will set up meetings or phone calls with SMS staff or others at the Summit. To make sure you don’t forget, record the date and time in your calendar. You may prefer to use your smart phone for this, which is perfectly fine! Some like to keep a hard copy, though.

Mints or Gum

There will be a lot of (think around 500) people to talk with at the SMS Sales Summit. Pop a mint or piece of gum after your morning coffee or a meal to avoid feeling self-conscious about your breath.

Water Bottle

We can’t stress staying hydrated enough! While the Summit is a fun day, it is also a long day, so it’s important to drink water throughout the event. Senior Marketing Specialists does provide water bottles, water stations, and coffee throughout the day. But we encourage you to carry a re-usable water bottle to cut down on waste caused by disposable water bottles and make it easier for you to keep track of your water among all the glasses and clear plastic bottles.

Energy Boosting Snacks

No, we aren’t so boring that you will be fighting to stay awake. Eating healthy snacks between meals (we provide breakfast and lunch!) is important because it keeps you alert and fights hunger. We don’t want you to miss great content because you’re distracted by the smell of lunch cooking! Some portable energy boosting snack options are almonds, granola bars, dry roasted edamame, and cheese with crackers.

Hand Sanitizer

Remember those 500 people you have the chance to talk to? All those conversations will probably begin with a handshake. Now, we promise that we wash our hands, but, unfortunately, we can’t speak for every attendee. Just saying.


What’s worse? Being that person who sniffles every 30 seconds or having to wipe your nose on your sleeve? Avoid both scenarios with a travel pack of tissues!

Stain Stick

Eliminate the evidence of any accidental spills or drips with this little wonder! Packing an extra outfit is an alternate idea, but the stain stick fits in your pocket, so…

Headache or Pain Medicine

A headache or other kind of pain makes events like the Summit so much less enjoyable. And we want you to have a blast! So, don’t forget this one.

Business Cards

This is pretty standard for conferences. Bring a stack of business cards to drop in drawings, hand out to new contacts, and more! If you are looking to re-vamp your business card game before the summit, check out our Agent Marketing Portfolio (AMP) program to have your new cards by the event!


Where to Put it All

You might be thinking, “Well these are all good ideas, but how am I going to carry all this stuff?” That’s totally up to you, but here are some of our ideas!

Purse, Briefcase, or Backpack

These options are great because they have space for you to carry other things like your wallet, phone, or computer. Most are often made with a strap so you can go hands-free!

Compartment Clipboard

Everything above, excluding the water bottle, will fit in a clipboard with a built-in compartment. Plus, you’ll have a hard writing surface if you aren’t near a table!

Pencil Pouch

These are great for holding all the little things. They usually have a zipper to keep everything secure and give you easy access to your survival stuff! Keep the pouch in your purse, briefcase, or backpack to improve organization.


For additional Summit information, contracting, and more, contact us! (800) 689-2800


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