Using Medicare Publications

By Dan Mangus as featured by Naifa.org

As an advisor to individuals on Medicare or advising a caregiver to someone on Medicare, you require accurate information. One of the best reference tools for you to share with them is Medicare publications. They are easy to access on Medicare.gov and available on a variety of topics. Here are a few that I find outstanding.

2021 Medicare Costs” CMS Product No. 11579 is an overview of Medicare’s primary premiums and copays. This quick reference tool is updated annually and gives you numbers at a glance. It includes Part A and B premiums and copays, Part D national base beneficiary premium, and income-related monthly adjustment amounts that an individual would pay in addition to their plan premiums for Part B and D.

An often misunderstood benefit of Medicare is home healthcare benefits. Many levels of care have moved to alternative settings. Since it is such an important topic, you want to be able to discuss it comfortably. The publication “Medicare & Home Health Care” CMS Product No. 10969 will give you details on eligibility and coverage of Medicare-approved home health care.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many individuals have foregone their preventive care. The publication “Your Guide to Medicare Preventive Services” CMS Product No. 10110 gives a comprehensive list of what preventive benefits are available and how often Medicare will cover them. These reminders will help keep your clients aware of all preventive services and keep them as healthy as possible.

Of course, these publications are only a sampling of the many helpful publications available to you and your clients. They will provide you comfort knowing that you are sharing accurate information directly from CMS.


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