As an insurance agent who specializes in Medicare, you need to understand what is important to your clients and make sure your clients know what options are available to them. Below you will find some sample transitional phrases.  These sample phrases and can be changed or modified to suit your individual style and personality.

You may notice most of these questions are open-ended (require more than a yes or no reply to be answered).  This is to help the client think about their situation a little deeper in an effort to uncover any comments or concerns the client may have. These questions can be used during the fact-finding process or other times during the appointment, depending on the flow and progress of the meeting.


Transitional Phrases

Final Expense

“What final plans do you have in place?”

“Who takes care of your life insurance?”

“What life insurance plans do you have in place?”

Hospital Indemnity

When going through the SOB: ” We do have the option of adding a hospital benefit to this plan that can take care some or all of your inpatient costs.  We can look at that at the end.  Okay?”

“Do you have the hospital benefit with your Medicare Advantage plan?”


“Other than your Medicare coverage, what funds do you have in place should you develop cancer?”

“If diagnosed with cancer, would you be looking to receive treatment locally or would that require travel?”

STC / LTC / Home Health

“What care plans do you have in place should you need additional care?”

“Who in your family or friends have you had enter into a nursing home?”

“Have you had to use home health or recovery benefits in the past?”

DVH (Dental / Vision / Hearing)

“When you had group coverage with your employer, did you have any DVH benefits?”

“Are you looking for coverage for your (glasses / hearing aids)?”  (Used when you can see the client has glasses or hearing aids)

“Just so you are aware, Medicare has very limited coverage for dental, vision, and hearing.  Are you looking to cover your eyes, ears, and teeth?”


Bringing up other coverage options

In some appointments, the client will make it very clear what is important to them.  However, there will be times you may have to ask the questions to make your client aware of other available options.

A sample phrase you can use could be:

“I am going to ask you some questions that may sound a little different.  I’m doing this to make sure we have all your concerns covered as Medicare may not provide coverage for certain situations, and I don’t want you to be surprised should that happen.”


Practice – Practice – Practice

When using transitional phrases, it is important for them to sound natural.  The more nervous you are when you ask the questions, the more skeptical or hesitant the client will be to answer. As mentioned, take the above phrases and make them your own so you can ask them as naturally as possible.


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