We have the sales tools you need to grow your business and thrive in the senior market! Whether you need a brochure designed or business cards or you need a newsletter, survey, or letter to reach out to your client base, Senior Marketing Specialists can help!

SMS has proven sales tools, an industry leading sales training expo, data finders, marketing pieces, and flyers available to all contracted agents. Below are some of our most recent pieces, some of our more popular ones, and a few oldies-but-goodies. Call us if you need help customizing any of these pieces with your information.

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Unrealized profit is one of the biggest issues facing agents today. Applying information can create those profits for you quickly. We created talkingMEDICARE to give you ideas and resources you can use. TalkingMEDICARE is a weekly publication put out by Senior Marketing Specialists. Senior Marketing Specialists is a national FMO in the senior insurance market with thousands of agents and over 40 years of experience. The points in the weekly publication are used by agents across the country for both personal and agency growth. This book is a compilation of many of the points shared in talkingMEDICARE during 2016.

Use our proprietary tool to find the right election for your clients and avoid enrollment issues and client denials in the future.

al U.S. government booklet about Medicare home health care benefits for people with Original Medicare. This booklet has important information about, who is eligible, what services are covered, how to find and compare home health agencies and your Medicare rights

The official Medicare Handbook... It includes a summary of Medicare benefits, rights, and protections; lists of available health and drug plans; and answers to frequently asked questions about Medicare for your clients

Need a quick cheat sheet on explaining what Parts A and B of Medicare cover? Take advantage of our agent/client friendly Med Supp Benefits Chart.

Senior Marketing Specialists is helping you maximize your 2016 AEP and beyond with all our agent resources in one easy to access location.