Even though AEP officially ended December 7, 2016, you can’t quite cross it off your list. It’s important to take some time this January to review your performance. Making just a few small changes could drastically improve your Post-AEP retention, sales, prospecting, and marketing efforts. Our goal at Senior Marketing Specialists is to help you thrive in the senior market. Post-AEP we do that by providing you with resources like webinars, New Agent Schools, and informative posts like this! Below you will find 6 simple tasks to make sure you get the most out of your Post-AEP season.


6 Ways to Get Better Post-AEP Results

1. Review Your Website

First off, every agent or agency should have a website. Websites increase your visibility and allow you to reach a greater audience. So, if you don’t have a website, GET ONE. That being said, it’s not enough to create a website a let it sit. Websites have to be reviewed and changed to keep up with design trends, internet changes, and, of course, your evolving business! Here are some things you might need to update:

  • Contact Information
  • Photos
  • Forms
  • Colors and Layout: Stick to light backgrounds and dark, simple fonts.
  • Links

2. Start Using Facebook

Facebook Marketing is a fantastic way to reach potential clients in your area. Being active on a Facebook Business page contributes to your online presence and gives you an opportunity to interact with people outside an appointment setting. If you don’t yet have a Facebook Business page, set it up here. If you already have a Business page, head over to the SMS Social Media page to learn about building your online brand!

3. Review Your Marketing Materials

There are two important questions when it comes to your marketing pieces: 1) Are they up to date? 2) Are they cohesive? Making sure your marketing materials are up to date includes checking for old contact information, making sure your head shot is fairly recent (3- years) and making sure all plan details are still relevant (carrier-specific pieces). Checking the cohesiveness of your marketing materials means making sure you have the same logo, name (Bob VS Robert), and contact information on all pieces. Cohesiveness also means each of your generic pieces should have a consistent design. For help with new carrier-specific marketing pieces, give us a call! If you need generic marketing material, check out our Agent Marketing Portfolio program for free and customized pieces.

4. Audit 10 Clients

Now is a great time to go through your AEP client files and ask yourself a few questions. We suggest choosing 10 at random to help you gauge how well you helped your clients.

Question 1: Did I cover all their needs?

Make sure you paired your client with a product (or products) that addresses all their concerns. Go through your appointment notes. Even the smallest comments from a client can reveal a major need.

Question 2: Were there any missed opportunities?

Check if there were any instances where you could’ve made more profit AND covered your client better. Was there a hospital benefit or final expense plan you should have suggested? Try to decipher where you went wrong and give your client a call if it’s something you can still write them on!

Question 3: When is my next appointment with them?

Do you have a Post-AEP or follow-up appointment scheduled? You should! Post-AEP meetings are great for clarifying plan details with your clients and making sure they are happy with their coverage. Tip: Schedule your follow-up during your initial AEP appointment.

If you find that you dropped the ball in several areas, it may be time to form a new Post-AEP strategy. Give us a call if you need help!

5. Are my contracts up to date?

It’s a good idea to take time at the beginning of the year to go through all your contracts. Make sure you are still active, that you have the correct commission level, that you are incorporated, and find out if there are any contests you qualify for. We know this is a lot. If you have questions, give Senior Marketing Specialists a call and we will let you know where you stand!

6. Who are my professional partners?

If you have never considered getting to know other professionals in your area, you may want to start! Having strong relationships with P&C agents, physicians, CPAs, and other professionals around you can create solid leads and other opportunities.


While these 6 things may take a little time, they’re worth it! Knowing how well you stand Post-AEP is the perfect way to make 2017 even better!


For additional questions, contracting, and help with your Post-AEP strategy, contact us! 800-689-2800 

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