We get it. Coffee is part of your daily routine, especially during this busy AEP season. The massive coffee machine in the Senior Marketing Specialists kitchen means coffee is an integral part of our day too! Unfortunately, too much coffee can be rough on our bodies.  As much as we wish this wasn’t true, our goal is to keep agents informed. The Agent Care and Encouragement (ACE) program is dedicated to helping our agents lead healthier lives! Keep reading to learn about coffee’s affect on our bodies and minds and join us next Friday for another SMS ACE post!


The Hazards of Too Much Coffee

There’s good news and bad news. Good news: You don’t have to stop drinking coffee. (Yay!) Bad news: Consuming an excessive amount (yes, an IV drip would be considered excessive) of coffee can negatively affect your central, hormonal, and immune systems. This article, Coffee and Hormones: Here’s how coffee really affects your health, written by Bryan Walsh on PrecisionNutrition.com, explains this topic in more detail. We encourage you to read the full article, but we also provided some highlights below.


  • Many North Americans drink coffee in large quantities
  • Too much coffee may damage your neuroendocrineimmune system over time
  • Prolonged stress and chronic caffeine intake can damage the immune system
  • Drinking coffee mimics the effects of stress in the body (Drinking coffee while stressed makes you more stressed!)
  • Caffeine affects how our bodies create and react to chemicals
  • Coffee and other caffeinated products in moderation may actually have health benefits
  • Caffeine combined with a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle is where problems occur


How SMS Can Help

We can’t stand between you and coffee (we feel that would be unwise even if we could). But we can take care of some things so you don’t feel as if you have to drink so much! Here are a few services available to all SMS contracted agents:

Lead Programs: Senior Marketing Specialists has multiple resources to help you gain and keep leads. Take advantage of discounted lead vendors, referral tips, and other free prospecting resources to keep your leads flowing in! Learn more on our Leads page.

Marketing Pieces: Our Agent Marketing Portfolio (AMP) program allows agents to order customized and professionally-designed marketing pieces. Don’t stress over creating them yourself or spending a ton of money. Simply check out the AMP page and place your order!

SMS New Agent School: Whether you are new to the business yourself or adding new agents to your team, consider New Agent School. Choose a one or three-day course with information about Medicare basics, compliance, marketing, and more! Read more here and keep an eye on our calendar for the next New Agent School.


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