Checking Medicare Applications During AEP

With Medicare AEP now in full swing, we wanted to offer a few reminders regarding submitted applications, as it is imperative to proactively check your submissions to head off any potential issues, such as:

  • Carrier Processing Errors

  • Agent Submission Errors

  • Confirming the Agent of Record (AOR)


We recommend you access your Agent Portals early and often, regardless of how you submitted the client application (Enrollment Express, Carrier Portal, Paper, etc.) to ensure your AEP runs as smoothly as possible!

See our “How-to Business Guides” below for key information to check on your applications.

Ever wonder why it’s important to have an experienced FMO on your side during AEP?

The Enrollment Team at Senior Marketing Specialists will scrub applications for our contracted agents. Saving you valuable time so you can do what you do best–sell. 


Call Senior Marketing Specialists at 800-689-2800 or email us.

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